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Universal stroller 

with car seat installation option




This is the latest offer of our company for parents who value original appearance, subdued accessories and timeless elegance. A fashionable and eye-catching detail is the quilted leg cover in the carrycot also equipped with soft cotton lining and a coconut mattress. Its filling consists of a coconut mat wrapped in a fluffy non-woven fabric - this combination provides adequate support for the child's spine and guarantees an optimal level of comfort. Ventilation in the canopy and the bottom of the carrycot is perfect for warm days, ensuring proper air circulation.

The spacious and comfortable seat unit can be mounted forwards or backwards, which is important in particular when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. The front bumper wrapped in high-quality ecological leather is easy to clean, and the soft and spacious interior encourages naps during longer walks.

The soft, adjustable suspension allows the stroller to easily overcome uneven terrain - not only the pavement of a crowded city, but also a bumpy forest path. The comfort of driving is increased by the adjustable handle made of perforated eco-leather, allowing you to adjust its height to the parent's height. Importantly, you can choose air wheels or maintenance-free gel wheels that behave like air wheels, but without the risk of puncture.

The frame is folded together with the seat unit facing forward to the direction of travel, which will significantly facilitate transporting the pram. In addition, the set includes useful accessories - a mosquito net, cup holder, bag and foot covers. Adding to this solid workmanship, based on extremely strong materials, we get the perfect product - for parents and of course for the toddler.












  • every color available on gel or air wheels
  • frame color: black with graphit anodizing or total black
  • stroller with the carrycot suitable from the first days of life
  • spacious carrycot with plastic ventilated bottom and backrest adjustment, length 80 cm
  • high-quality cotton inside the carrycot
  • carrycot lining with a zipper, which makes it easier to clean
  • easy access to ventilation in the carrycot
  • coconut mattress
  • stroller with the seat unit for children from the 6th month to 15 kg
  • seat assembly forward or backward facing
  • frame can be folded together with the seat
  • interior of the stroller made of soft materials to ensure comfort
  • footcover with zipper and a soft mattress in seat unit
  • seat has ventilation to allow air flow
  • expandable canopy in the seat provides protection from the sun
  • bag with an additional pocket
  • upholstery made of high quality materials, with UV50+ filter
  • adjustable eco-leather handle that allows to adjust its height to the parent's height
  • 4 shock absorbers: soft suspension adapting to the unevenness of the terrain and ensuring comfortable using
  • elegant, light and durable frame made of aluminium, in two unique colors
  • front wheel lock
  • raincover, mosquito net
  • Coletto car seat or Avionaut Pixel car seat with possibility to fix on frame / OPTION /
  • adapters for  Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, Pebble, Cybex Atom and Cabrio fix / OPTION / 
Technical Data
  • folded frame dimension: (l/w/h): 75 cm/35 cm/58 cm
  • backrest dimension of a seat unit: 28 cm/46 cm
  • seat dimension in a seat unit:(h/w):  32 cm/28 cm
  • footres dimension in a seat unit:(h/w): 22 cm/33 cm
  • carrycot dimension:(lw/h): 80 cm/35 cm/20cm
  • wheels size: 10” i 12”
  • distance between rear wheels: (external dimension): 58 cm
  • weight with carrycot: 13,2 kg
  • weight with seat unit: 12,7 kg
  • weight of carrycot: 4,8 kg
  • weight of seat unit: 4,3 kg
  • raincover
  • mosquito net
  • mommy bag
  • cup holder
  • car seat to fix on frame /as an option/
  • adapters for Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, Pebble, Cybex Atom i Cabrio fix car seats /as an option/

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