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for children up to 22 kg, according to the new EN 1888-2: 2018 standard




A unique pushchair that will delight customers who value modern design, unique fabrics and quality, combined with functionality and comfort. In addition to visual qualities, Jokko will provide you the pleasure of driving on any surface, thanks to the shock absorbers and puncture resistant gel wheels. In addition, the swivel front wheels provide exceptional maneuverability.

The spacious canopy with UV50+ filter will effectively protect a child traveling in a pushchair against excessive sunlight, wind and rain. On hot days you will certainly appreciate the ventilation panel built into the canopy, which will not only facilitate the observation of the child, but also ensure proper air circulation. In combination with the second ventilation panel at the back of the canopy, no heat will be scary!

The seat in Jokko is not only soft and comfortable, but also wide enough. Its practical complement is a footrest with an adjustable option that will allow your child to travel comfortably.

Jokko is equipped with three-point seat belts. Thanks to them, the child will not fall out of the stroller, even if the surrounding world is suddenly of great interest to him.

A simple and quick folding system and accessories in the form of a footcover and raincover complete the image of Jokko as the perfect stroller for every walk with a child.


Black city

Black city

Black flash

Black flash

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Black Scotch

Red moro

Red moro

  • suitable for children from 6 months to 22 kgs - according to the newest EN1888-2:2018 standard
  • comfortable wheels with bearings and shock absorbers
  • puncture resistant PU wheels
  • easy way of folding, small size after folding
  • ventilation panels built into the canopy and the back of the pushchair
  • quick extension of the canopy - one hand movement and the canopy is extended!
  • front bumper detachable from both sides, with the possibility of detaching on one side to remove the child. In addition, the bumper is adjustable in the up-down position
  • swivelling front wheels with lock
  • soft and comfortable interior
  • the fabric with UV50+ filter
  • pocket for small items on the back of stroller
  • footcover
  • raincover
  • reclining backrest to the lying position - exceptional smooth adjustment!
  • adjustable footrest
  • 5-point safety harness with soft pads
  • front bumper with a zippered cover, making it easy to remove for washing
  • roomy shopping basket
  • central brake
Technical data
  • size after folding: 58 x 65 x 28 cm
  • backrest dimension:(w x l) 33 x 45 cm
  • seat dimension:(d x w) 23 x 33cm
  • wheel size: 17 cm (6,5")-front, 23 cm (9")-rear
  • the handle height from the floor: 104 cm
  • weight: 9,5 kg
  • footcover
  • raincover

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