Nado O3

Nado O3
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Car seat
for children i-Size


» What is i-Size? This is a new standard of approval for car seats. The main i-Size assumptions are:

- obligation to travel rearward facing to the 14th month
- classification based on growth, possibly by the age of the child- 
- improved safety during frontal and side collisions
- promotion of the Isofix system


The classification in the new safety standard R129, widely knows to users as I-Size, guarantees maximum safety for children from birth (40 cm) to 4 years (105 cm)

It allows you to bring your child rearward facing (RWF) for the entire period of using the car seat, with the option of forward facing from 75 cm.

The LCD screen built into the isofix base checks at all times that the seat is correctly installed at the three key points:

  • the correct travel position of the seat (preventing it from staying in the child loading position)
  • correct installation of the Isofix connectors
  • correct installation of the support leg

Gerjman precision and experience n the field od technology and production of car seats guarantees maximum safety and comfort, which was confirmed in crach tests carried out in an independent Labolatory of Consumer Research and Tests in Germany.





Technical data
  • height: 56-85 cm
  • width: 45 cm
  • depth: 64 cm
  • support leg height: 36-55 cm
  • weight

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