Sportivo ONLY Isofix

Sportivo ONLY Isofix
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Car seat with isofix
for children weighing  9-36 kg



SPORTIVO ONLY isofix 9-36 kg

This is a more exclusive version of Sportivo isofix, enjoying unflagging popularity among our customers. Quilted upholstery with elements of high-quality, easy-to-clean eco-leather gives it sophistication and elegance.

It is intended for children weighing 9-36 kg (9 months - 12 years). Its safety has been confirmed by tests at the PIMOT Automotive Institute. It has an SPS system that provides additional protection in side impacts - special side cushions filled with polystyrene foam absorb the energy of side impact before it reaches the child, which makes an ordinary car seat become 25% safer.

The 4 tilt positions of the seat will ensure a good night's sleep while traveling, and the 7-position headrest adjustment will make the seat suitable for the child's growth throughout the entire period of use. The undoubted advantage is the low base of the car seat, which will facilitate its installation even in smaller cars. Proper air circulation is facilitated by special "bubbles" on the seat, which ensure seating comfort and prevent sweating.

Installation in the car is forward-facing, using the ISOFIX system and the Top Tether anchor belt, which ensures greater stability of the seat.






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  • car seat for children weighing: 9-36 kg (9 months - 12 years, Group I + II + III)
  • the car seat has isofix system and Top Tether
  • SPS system: special side airbags filled with polystyrene foam energy absorbing side impact before it reaches the baby, which makes the seat becomes 25% safer
  • 4 positions adjustment
  • 7 position headrest adjustment
  • an additional insert for the youngest tightly fills the space between the car seat and the child's body and leaves no free space. Thanks to this, our child is stably held inside the car seat.
  • low base seat
  • 5-point safety belts with pads
  • adjustable belt height
  • seat made of a material providing seating comfort and prevent sweating
  • covered harness adjuster
  • seat has ECE R44/04 homologation. Test was performed under the specifications and requirements of TNO
Technical data
  • weight: 11 kg 
  • backrest height: min 58 cm, max 68 cm 
  • backrest width: 27 cm
  • isofix 
  • Top Tether anchorage belt
  • SPS (with possibility of detaching) 
  • seat cusion
  • backrest cusion

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