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Universal stroller 

with car seat installation option





it's a stroller designed for children age: 0-36 months. It tempts with its style and elegance. Innovative in form and technological solutions. Functional, made of best quality materials. It has ornamental carrycot that "makes" the perfect composition. Air wheels perform immaculately. Comfort, convenience, riding smothness are its qualities. Beauty and safety

– that is VERONA 










  • all models available on gold anodized anodized frame
  • large carrycot with a plastic bottom and adjustable backrest - lenght. 85 cm
  • stroller with carrycot suitable from the first days of life
  • stroller with seat unit suitable from 6 months
  • frame assembles with seat unit
  • upholstery elements made of high-quality ecological leather, easy to clean
  • High-quality cotton inside the carrycot
  • adjustable collar of the carrycot anables to protect child from wind and rain
  • sliding legs cover and soft mattress in the stroller 
  • carrycot and stoller with ventilation anables air-flow
  • adjustable handle with eco-leather allows you to adjust its height to parent height
  • 6 shock-absorbers: soft suspension with adjustable shock absorbers
  • air wheels
  • elegant, light and durable aluminum frame
  • Wheels with bearings
  • practical, enclosed shopping basket
  • raincover, mosquito net
  • car seat to install on frame / OPTION /
  • adapters for the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix / OPTION /
  • folded frame dimension: (l/w/h): 80 cm/35 cm/58 cm
  • backrest dimension of a seat unit: 30 cm/46 cm
  • seat dimension in a seat unit:(h/w):  30 cm/22 cm
  • footres dimension in a seat unit:(h/w): 23 cm/32 cm
  • carrycot dimension:(lw/h): 89 cm/43 cm/29cm
  • wheels size: 9” i 11”
  • distance between rear wheels: (external dimension): 58 cm
  • weight with carrycot: 13,8 kg
  • weight with seat unit: 14,3 kg
  • frame weight: 5,1 kg
  • weight with frame, carrycot and wheels: 9,6 kg
  • weight with frame and wheels: 8,8 kg
  • weight of carrycot: 4,4 kg
  • weight of seat unit: 4,8 kg
  • raincover
  • mosquito net
  • mummy bag
  • foocover for carrycot
  • footcover for seat unit
  • capacious basket fixed on frame

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