About us

Manufacturer of car seats and baby strollers for children Coletto.

After many years of experience in the field of children products, in the production and trade we have created a company Coletto.
We present a collection of safe and comfortable pram our brand.

Our main goal is to produce traditional strollers and pushchairs to ensure both safety and comfort too.
To offer an assortment at the right level, we have partnered with the world-known factories, and all products meet European quality standards.

Currently Poland ranks second in the world in terms of production volume prams, so the company Coletto also has for you Polish products - produced in our country. We care about the safety, comfort and style to meet the expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we constantly improve and raise the quality of products.

To meet the needs of market expanding production facilities and introduce proven systems of work organization so as to increase production follow hand in hand with the highest quality. We strive to make our products match the latest trends and safety requirements, while keeping in mind to remain at the appropriate price level that guarantees the best price-quality relationship.

Special attention we turn back to the fact that our strollers and car seats have ergonomic shapes and that they are made of high quality materials.
Ease of use, lightweight design and modern styling are the features that will satisfy the highest expectations and ensure long-term use. In order to guarantee optimal comfort and safety of our kids, we offer you products from factories certified to ISO 9000.

Strollers meet the standard: EN 1888
Car Seats: ECE R44 / 04

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